I bought a bed yesterday.

The people I bought it from are lovely and the bed looks like it’s never been used a day in it’s life. Sweet.

Here’s the problem: I need to figure out how to get it in my apartment. You see, I live in a 5th floor walk up and I do NOT want/need someone charging me by the floor & the hour. Especially because the couple who I’ve bought it from live in an elevator buliding – No stress.

I did have a man with a van but I’ve lost his card, sucky for me.

My “whatever” is, as usual, nowhere to be found, so I can’t ask him to help me shlep the thing up the flights, although he’d be more than willing to reap the benefits of the new bed. I think that one sentence just solidified what I’ve been meaning to do about this situation.

Also. came back from London and discovered that I lost another 5lbs. Those were unintentional. However I must say that instead of gaining weight on vacation, like most people do, I tend to lose it. Despite eating the entire world, baby flavored donuts included.

I need to actually go into work today and do some work. I also need to clean my room in preparation for said bed and I need to get out the bed from hell and make some breakfast. Instead I’ve been farting around on the net for the past hour and a half. Now my stomach is aching from non-feeding. Let me go feed it before I turn into a raging bitch.



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