January 28, 2009 maydarling

Alrighty then.

2009 has wrought some newness.

Well, technically the end of 2008 wrought the newness, but close enough.

I started a new job. It’s better paid but with more stress. Boo. I’m going to be completely gray by the time I’m 35, I just know it. I work for a celebrity line. And yes it’s with the actual celebrity and not her duly appointed ciphers. She’s one half of a sister act, except the other sister is more famous for partying and federal inquiries than actually acting and well, working.

Guessed yet?

And I have a brand new boyfriend. 🙂 He’s super anerable what with his freckles and all. No longer a fat girl on a date, but a fat girl dating. Well, not so much with the dating anymore but in a “relationship”. Whatever that means. We’re planning the inevitable mini-break and he’s cooking up something special for Valentine’s. Hooray!

When will you start with the inevitable bitching? Well, right here, mes amis!

I almost got completely fucked over by my sweater mill. Apparently the factory manager never put my samples into work despite getting the comments on 1/12/09. I needed them for a photo shoot this THURSDAY.

And then she takes off of work. For vacation. In the middle of the busy season. WTF. Blah. If I hadn’t said to myself, “self, you should shoot them an email about your samples” I would have nothing but a pink slip in my hand. This way *crosses fingers* I have narrowly averted disaster. 

Apparently Mercury retrograde is real and it is a son of a bitch. 😛


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