Of mattresses and debt.

September 10, 2008 maydarling


I went out Sunday night. Which I should not have done. But whatever. Syl and I were supposed to go to the cheap show of Bangkok Dangerous. But there were no more showings until 9:30. I wanted to be home by then, watching Gossip Girl. Did that happen? No.

Having put forth in my first post, I am a fairly recent addition to New York. As such, I haven’t had the time (nor the ducats) to actually outfit my bedroom. Thus it is that I still am sleeping on an air mattress (a really good one!) and bought a rolling closet to supplement my small wall closet.

And when I say the time, I really mean I haven’t had the time. I’ve worked a full-time job since I’ve gotten here and I go out almost every weekend. My life has gotten in the way of my decor. Basically my room is just so much storage for clothing. And shoes. Let’s not forget the shoes.

Just when I was ready to do the whole bedroom in one shebang, my rotten family summoned me back to Chicago. And I couldn’t stay in my childhood home. I had to shell out for a hotel. WTF. And apparently, I only have 1 aunt who is ok with me staying with her. Unfortunately, she is the aunt that owes me close to $1000.

The short shot is that not only did I have to spend my decoration ducats on airfare and hotel (plus meals and getting around), but my aunt still hasn’t coughed up the other $920. So the air mattress is still in effect.

Also a monkey wrench in the plans is that my eating disordered Texan bf owes me a substantial amount of cash as well. I would have been fine to wait until the cows came home to get a bed and such. Except for one, small, tiny, insignificant detail.

My bed sprung a leak.

On Sunday.

While I was out with Syl.


I managed to give it a decent little patch but…that’s not a real solution.

Also, I had planned to get a bed for the express purpose of testing it out with my whatever, but that is not a possibility at this point. Sucks, but that’s drama I’m going to keep to myself. That was another reason I was willing to wait on the bed situation. Can’t do that anymore.

So now I have a dilemma:

Use my next paycheck to get a bedroom set


Go to London.

Random switch, right? Let me explain.

I love London.



So much so that I’ve been there almost every year since I turned 23. I went multiple times in 2004 and ended up living there for a bit. I am jonesing for a bit of Merry Olde right now, aside from the fact that I am overworked and burnt out on my shitty assistant job (that pays me minor, minor ducats). Taking a trip to Texas (to hang out with the person who owes me a crapload of money) isn’t going to cut it. Especially when I have 2 days off for Rosh Hashanah.

Anywho. If I did back out of the trip, I would be disappointing Syl, who I am scheduled to go with. I really don’t want to disappoint her. Really, I don’t. And it would only be another couple of weeks. I’d get a bed as soon as I came back to the States.

Wow. I just read my rationalization. I think I’ve made my decision. So much for practicality.


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