August 24, 2008 maydarling

Apparently, I am a singularity.

So says my “whatever”. 

We were on the phone yesterday. (by the by, I hate telephone conversations. I’m much better in real life…or writing.) And he asked me what I was doing. I was surfing about in the blogopshere, specifically the fatosphere and the femisphere and listening to experimental jazz from the 70’s. Don Ellis, who composed the music for The French Connection

I expressed my dislike for Tyrese Gibson. I think he’s too skinny, too overly muscled and slightly greasy. He laughed that extraordinary laugh of his at my descriptors. I think I melted a little bit hearing it. 🙂

And then he said: “I can’t make you out. You’re so different from other girls. (no shit, Sherlock)”

Long living with the knowledge that, at least in my particular culture, I am a singularity is nothing new. 

The girls on the block dreamed of being a part of SWV or the next Mary J. 

I nursed fantasies of being the next Jessye Norman and idolized Kathleen Battle.

The girls on the block wore tight colored Guess? jeans and matching Coach belts with the latest Jordans.

I wore baggy blues and plaid shirts with ballet flats.

The girls on the block wouldn’t have been caught dead with glasses on.

I wore oversized tortoise shell Geoffrey Beene spectacles.

The girls on the block read Zane and tittered over her salacious pages.

I immersed myself in Dante and Swift and Fitzgerald.

The girls on the block pored over their idols in Word Up! and Sister 2 Sister

I charted the rise and fall of empires in Time. 

Later, after I left the block and went to university, I continued to stick out like a sore thumb.

My classmates rhapsodized over the poetry of Tupac and Biggie Smalls.

I was stretching my musical knowledge with Nirvana, RATM and Soundgarden

They were organizing spades and domino tournaments

I was busy collecting comics and writing fanfiction

They were soaking up Higher Learning and Jason’s Lyric.

I was entranced by X-Files and The Phantom Menace

When they made plans to travel to Atlanta and feast on chicken and beer

I was in London discovering the thrill of eating crisp spring rolls as Piccadilly bustled beyond

And later still, after joining the adult world, it continues.


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