August 22, 2008 maydarling

I am in a really good mood.

I put it squarely on the shoulders of two things:

The Jackson 5


the fact that my “whatever he is” has finally figured out what I’ve known all along.

To wit: “I fell for you so hard when you wrote me that email.”

The email in question, you ask?

I defended my position regarding the shittiness of Indiana Jones 4 and I was very clear and articulate about my reasons.

Clearly this is a man who appreciates logical thinking.

Also this is a man who is a bit of a Lucas fanboy.

I am not a Lucas fangirl, but I am a fangirl of other things. Namely:

Harry Potter (I have sunk to the depths of being a rather well-known fanfic author, such is my fangirlery…or would that be fangirlishness?)



Star Trek (that’s a big one. I even read an XF – ST cross over fic and LOVED IT)

Cute Overload


The music choice for today?

The Jacksons – Blame It On the Boogie (one of the ones Michael came back to sing on) It makes me want to dance.

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