huh. a 2-for-1 ignorant bingo hit

July 31, 2008 maydarling

So, I was cruising around the fatosphere, getting my daily knowledge on and I run across this post about a Time magazine article about genetic laziness.

Ok…I can see where this is headed and so jumped over to Time to check out the mentioned headless fatty pic.

Not only are they stereotypical couch potato fatties fighting over the goddamn remote, but they’re a fat black couple.

Because, God knows, fat is just WAY more accepted in the black community. Give me a fucking break Time. Oh, and yeah, everyone just FUCKING KNOWS that black people are INHERENTLY LAZY.

Fuck you Time, and fuck your lazy-ass design editor and their minions. I know yet another publication that won’t get my goddamn money.

Entry Filed under: ignorant fuckery

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